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Want to know what a sh*t day looks like in my house?

Yesterday I was a shit mum.

I got woken up by Lochie jumping on my stomach and screaming in my face…. And the day went downhill from there.

Ty was in an antagonistic mood and Lochie was sooky. They couldn’t even look at each other without brawling, crying and running to me dobbing.

Every time I sat down to work one of them came running in screaming and crying…. If I was really lucky it was both of them…

I lost my shit.

They were in terror mode and Chris was on nightshift, so I had to try and keep them occupied and quiet while he slept in preparation for his long night.

My girlfriend called me late in the afternoon, to see how I was going, and I was so over everything I was almost in tears. Poor girl got a whole lot of venting!

The pic I sent to my girlfriend on the phone, to explain why it sounded like I was killing my kids…. Fun times. If you look closely you can see Ty in the background crying too.

While I hid outside for 5 minutes of sanity and a chat on the phone, they woke Chris up with their screaming… He was not a happy camper either.

Then Ty punched the TV because I put the wrong cartoon on…. (The TV was fine, thankfully)

Then Daddy lost his shit.


Then gave us all a kiss, said “good luck with that” and went to work…. Thanks hubby, I can’t believe you fired the babysitter!

Dinner time is usually pretty calm (lately) in our house. Not this night! They threw their dinner around while simultaneously whinging that they were hungry…. For cookies, not for the dinner I cooked for them…. I could feel the grey hairs sprouting as I lovingly told them to eat their dinner or I was going to murder them.

It was a shit day!

They finally simmered down in the evening after a lovely warm bath with magnesium flakes in it. Plus Ty accepted his punishment of not watching TV for the rest of the night like a champ too.

When I put everyone to bed (early) I gave them an extra long cuddle and kisses. We made our apologies. Me for being a tyrant mum and yelling all day, because my bad attitude really didn’t help the day get any better. And them for being little buttheads all day.

I explained that tomorrow was a new day and we were going to try to have a better day with no fighting or yelling…. Or threats of murder.

I know I’m supposed to be the calm to their storm

But some days they make it so freaking hard!

They’re not bad kids. They’re just overtired, over school holidays and over being told what to do. And I’m not a bad mum… Just overtired, over school holidays and over telling them what to do!

Some days you just have to forgive yourself, wait for the day to end and try again tomorrow. Accept that it was a shit day, work out where it all went wrong and then try not to repeat your mistakes.

Most importantly remember,

‘This Too Shall Pass’.

Today was a much better day, it’s amazing what a good night sleep will do!


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