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Prepare Yourself Liver, It’s Girl’s Night Out!

I had a Girl’s Night planned on the weekend with my girls and I got really sick on the Friday. I thought I was going to die…. Yes. We’ve established I can be a Drama Queen.

We’ve also established I shouldn’t google symptoms! Apparently I was dying….Again…. Thanks google, you get me every time!

I put the kids to bed and figured if I got worse, I would sneak out to the hospital while everyone was asleep. Chris was already asleep (snoring like an asthmatic banshee) so it was all good.  I fell asleep on the couch waiting to see if my mum flu warranted a trip to hospital and woke up 6am feeling like Google might have been wrong after all!

Girls Night is back on!

I have 4 kids and planning a girl’s night is no mean feat! I have to make sure Chris is not working to stay home with the kids. It is something that happens about every 6 months or so…. So even a pesky little virus (or meningitis according to Google) isn’t gonna hold me back! Quick trip to docs Saturday morning to be raped with a consultation fee and told it’s an upper respiratory virus and there is nothing I can do but spray salt water up my nose…. Awesome! I’m outta here!

Mum is leaving the building!

We don’t have many people that we ask to look after Ty. It can be a gamble to know how he’s going to react or behave for them and it’s quite stressful for him.

He doesn’t really handle change very well and we realised early on he wouldn’t sleep at other peoples houses easily. He needs stability and his own environment if Chris or I can’t be there, and it’s usually easier to go out separately.

Honestly, the person I trust most to look after him (apart from Chris of course, or my mum), is my bestie that I was going out with. So Chris was on dad-duty and holding down the fort!

We had an awesome time watching a Pearl Jam cover band at a local pub and I’m surprised to say, they killed it! If you get a chance check, out The Brown Study Band. He’s no Eddie Vedder but if you closed your eyes and drank enough he sounded almost the same!

However the best part of my Girl’s Night was the next day.

Even though we had gone back to besties place and cranked the tunes and danced and drank our way through 2 bottles of champers, I woke up feeling amazing. No kids kicking me in the back, no toddlers trying to steal my pillow during the night and no kids talking to me before I inhaled my first coffee. It was pure bliss!

Then after lounging around in our pj’s soaking up the lovely quiet and having a normal conversation without having to stop and tell kids to stop pushing, pulling, biting, yelling, crying or hanging off me, we went out for a blissful lunch on the waterfront.

The waterfront of anything is usually a big no-no for our family!

I got to be a person again!

A real person, not just a mum, that was able to have a conversation and a meal without stopping or running after a toddler or 5 year old that definitely would have gotten naked and tried to jump in that water!

It was exactly what I needed!

It gave me a chance to recharge and actually miss all my offspring again!

There is nothing better than the feeling of walking through that front door and hearing them scream “MUMMY’S HOME” and running into your arms!

Unfortunately the excitement lasted for about 30 seconds before they were back to trying to kill each other!

Oh and the cooked dinner and mostly clean house was a beautiful bonus! Thanks hubby! You’re amazing 🙂


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